Mandalay Bay Resort

If you are traveling for the holidays, have fun and be safe. Now that the year is ending, I will start highlighting my travel of the year. If you wish to continue traveling or start traveling, think about your New Year resolutions! 

I am still recovering from my great weekend getaway in Vegas. I intentionally went to Vegas for my unconditional love for the hottest sensational K-pop group Big Bang. Vegas was the first U.S stop for their M.A.D.E tour concert. The architectural hotels on the strip were the prominent views of the city, with every hotel having its own attribute. 
I stayed in Mandalay Bay resort and Casino located at the beginning of the strip. Their most attractive attribute are their golden windows. It may look golden on the outside, but inside it is a green and yellow tint. If you want the best view overlooking the strip, I would recommend this resort. 

Women's suit is versatile and is the go-to piece for a variety of occasions-- business meetings, professional settings, and casual dates. It comes in a variety of cuts, designs, and colors. I am wearing a plaid Tommy Hilfiger suit in a polished but casual form. I love wearing suits with designs rather than solid color. I also love the popular matching suit because it is bold and will always look good on the women's figure. 

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