Split Rock Lighthouse

I visited one of Minnesota‚Äôs most beautiful landmarks, Split Rock lighthouse, located on the north shore of Lake Superior. The small lighthouse sits on the high cliff, allowing visitors to see the breath-taking view of the lake and its surroundings. This place also has a trail that lead to the edge of the water in which I took to view the lighthouse from a distance. The scenic landscape was incredibly fascinating and looked just like a painting.  I realized that I need to do more hiking in the future after concluding my body could hardly climb the long stairs. 

For outfit of the day, I am dressed in a vanilla colored knit sweater paired with pleated brown pants. I love the sophistication of these pants every time I wear it with booties and stilettos. I am all about the knit sweater, especially during this time of the year because they are warm and easy to wear. I kept the outfit neutral and simple so I can wear my vibrant Vevelle silk scarf. I think the color and style adds a little of that retro vibe. 

Photos: Toua & CC
Makeup: Peter

Vevelle Silk Scarf | Knit Sweater | Pleated brown pants |Booties |Sunglasses