Scent Trunk- Subscription Box Review

Scent Trunk is a fragrance subscription box for men and women who enjoy wearing unique indie fragrances that are difficult to find.  Scent Trunk is unique for its customize fragrances toward an individual's preference. When I subscribed to them, I made a scent profile that indicated what type of smells I preferred. They tried their best to match me with scents that were curated to my taste. They have a variety of fragrances that can be worn depending on the mood and occasion, similar to fashion. Recently I came to enjoy collecting perfume sample vials from all of my makeup purchases and wear them based on various occasions and moods. 

I was surprised at how fast the delivery was and I couldn't wait to try it out. I wanted to try out the fragrances before I write a review of it. The box came with three sample vials-- Lucille by Sweet Anthem Perfumes, Her Excellency White by Estevia, and Mardi Gras by Olympic Orchids. The smell of each fragrance were much better than I thought. 

Lucille by Sweet Anthem Perfumes has a sweet smell of linden, blossom, and jasmine which I think is great to wear it out during the summer at beaches where the temperature is high. It will conquer the smell of sweat and replace it with the smell of sweet floral.

My favorite smell is Her Excellency White by  Estevia. The scent is fresh, light and pure with only the smell of Rosemary. The smell of leather and moss is hardly there. This scent matches fresh looks and would be perfect to wear it during the daytime in casuals. However, the scent can also be worn at night time, while going out on a fancy date!

The Mardi Gras by Olympic Orchids is a bit too strong for me. The smell is an intense orange blossom with the smell of sweet vanilla and Civet. I think this smell is perfect for night time when dancing out at night parties. It is perfect for summer as well, with its sweet and floral smell. 

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