Smother in White, Chicago

I still haven’t completely recovered from my amazing trip to Chicago this past weekend. I had a blast at my first K-pop concert at the House of Blues. Epik High turned the house upside down with their best hit songs! I agree that it was definitely worth the six-hour wait. I will remember to update with my experience sometime soon so look out for it. 

When you’re in Chicago, you can’t miss the chance to go exploring. Sunny days are always great, but I’m glad it was cloudy that day as the city was smothered in fog; it created a beautiful scenic city view. Photos would never be able to depict how beautiful it was. Chicago's hot spot, the Millennium Park is a must when here. I always come here when I get a chance to visit, as it is such a great place to enjoy the architecture and urban green environment. 

Outfits in black & white are so versatile yet classic that there are many ways to style it. It brings different moods with different kind of style. Popular trends are either going minimal with black & white or making it bold with your individualist traits. I find the colors easy to style, as you only focus on those two colors. Since white and black are neutral colors; complimenting it with any hues can complete your outfit as well. Even if you don’t like colors; having balance is a must! It gives the right mood and proportion to your overall look.

Thank you to CC for the photos!

Top to bottom:
Sunglass from Cotton On
Net sweater from Rue21
Button up shirt (inside) from Cotton on
Self-made torn Jeans
Flatform shoes from