Funky at the market

I spent last weekend indulged in gourmet food, culturally embroidered clothes, craft goods and arcade games at the popular flea market, Hmong Village. As I walked in, I was excited to see colorful plush dolls, toys and key chains hanging out from different vendors. Hmong village is enriched with so many cultural goods, many from Southeast Asian countries. My favorite merchandise from the flea market are the silver and gold jewelries worn with traditional dresses. I think Hmong Village vendors are topping it off with trendy, stylish and affordable apparel lately. I even met an owner who was rockin his outfit that day! (Thank you for posing with me :) ) If you have the chance, I would recommend to check out the apparel and accessories from the flea market because you might just find something.

                For my outfit of the day, I was inspired by the scenery of the colorful flea market. I decided to go for a look that will contrast with the colorful scene. I went for a look that is funky, sporty and bold.  Black and white was my answer. I am wearing a jersey crop top with high waist harem pants and creepers Converse sneakers. Adding the yellow blazer gives it a pop of color and boldness. I love pairing together black and yellow! 

Thank you to Toua Lee and Peter Phung for the photos! Also Baomi for tagging along!

 Top to bottom:

Crop top from Pacsun
Blazer from H&M
Harem pants from H&M
Allstar converse sneakers
Photographers: Toua Lee & Peter Phung