What's in your closet?

Don’t recycle your old clothes just yet! I am sure many of us have something in our closet that we only wore it once or never even wore them. We think to ourselves that there is absolutely nothing to match it or no mood to wear it, so we stuck it all the way in the back of our closet.
When we unexpectedly happen to see it again we think that it is out of style. But really, everything comes back in style! I have had my cotton yellow skirt for 10 years and finally I found something to match it with. I have taken it out numerous times wanting to recycle it or donate it but because I feel that someday I will wear it again, I kept it. It might just not be the time yet but it sure does save you a couple dollars!

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H&M hat
Dots silver flower necklace
JC Penney Polka dot shirt
Old Navy cotton skirt
Forever 21 belt